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The Perfect Balance

Organic Skincare Originals Story

20 something holistic healer who has changed my own life with the power of natural remedies. I myself used to suffer from eczema and acne that affected my childhood which made me feel super self-conscious.  Prescribed medicated creams and expensive shop bought lotions promised me the world but I could never find anything that worked with my super sensitive skin. It felt like I was the only one who couldn’t use scented bubble baths or perfumed body products.  Eventually, I started researching the power of nature and making my own natural remedies.  Before my very eyes, my skin demons dropped away. I actually felt confident and comfortable in my skin. Finally! One day it clicked that if I could heal myself maybe I could help to heal others too. And sure enough, It did! It didn’t just work for me but my friends and family too! Not only them but every single person who has tried our products have had some kind of improvement to their skin!  The beauty of Mother nature is she doesn’t judge. She works with every skin type male and female to naturally heal and repair.